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List of Works


'Flow State' 3(p).2+c/a.2+b/c.2+c/b - - T - 3P – str


First Performance - RNCM Brand NewxBBC Philharmonic (Media City, Salford) 19/01/23 Conducted by Elena Schwarz

(recording available on request) - Score

'In Their Wake' - - P- pf - str


First upcoming performance - Royal Liverpool Philharmonic (Ensemble 10:10) 11/10/23 (Tung Auditorium) conducted by Gabriella Teychenné 


'In Mayfair' - - T - str


First Performance - Manchester Young Sinfonia (Holy Name Church, Manchester) 04/07/23 conducted by Benjamin Draper. - Score

'Dragonfly Vignettes' - p2.2+c/a.2+b/c.2 - - T - 3P - H - cel - str 


First Performance - RNCM Brand New Orchestra 

(RNCM Concert Hall) 27/01/22 conducted by Elizabeth Vergara Gallego

Large Ensemble/Voices

'Excursion' (Brass Band) - (T)3P: sus-cym, SD, tam-t, mar[4oc], vib, tgl, BD


First Performed at the 2023 RNCM Brass Band Festival by the RNCM Brass band conducted Maria Camila Barbosa Aristizábal. Score in the process of being published by Brookwright Music. Score

'A Candle Flame' (Mixed Voices) - Lyrics by Katherine Collins


Workshopped by the BBC Singers Conducted by Andrew Griffiths - session led by Roderick Williams on 28/03/23 

audio available on request - Score

'Ignition' solo Bcl - 2.1.eb.1.1 - sax:0110 - 2231 - 2P - pf 


Workshopped by Ausiàs Garrigós Morant (Bass Clarinet) and RNCM Brand New Ensemble, conducted by Maria Camila Barbosa Aristizábal on 27/02/23

Small Ensemble

'Apeirophobia' - Piano Trio (pno,vn,vc)


First Performed at the 2022 RNCM Gold Medal Final by Samuel Staples (Violin), Nathan Jackson-Turner (Cello) and Phillip Leslie (Piano). Score

'They Multiply Their Wings' - Soprano - str - Lyrics by Katherine Collins


First performed at the 2022 Rosamond Prize Concert (winner) by Georgie Malcolm (sop), Elena Orsi (Violin), Jeanette Szeto (Viola), Kara Taylor + Joseph Dawson (Cello). Score

Solo (unnacompanied)

'Emergence' (Solo Viola)


First Performed at the Sally Beamish Spotlight concert in the Carol Nash Recital Room By Jeanette Szeto. Score

'Dragonfly Vignette' (Solo Cello)


First performed in the Carol Nash Recital Room By Joseph Myer Dawson Score

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